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Hi, I’m Jeremy. I live in Greater Cleveland, Ohio with my wife Christy and our four children. When things aren’t crazy busy around our home, I enjoy relaxing with the family, catching a ballgame on television or reading, usually non-fiction.

I love to read and write (also non-fiction). Over the years I’ve developed a speed reading skill and usually read at least 15-20 books a year. I also love to write, and you can usually find me writing blog posts, featured articles and similar content.

Out of high school, I served four years in the U.S. Marine Corps. Semper Fi! to all you Marines out there. After the Marine Corps, I went into law enforcement and I served two decades as a police officer in a very active, fully engaged law enforcement agency. I served in many specialized assignments, received multiple awards and accolades, and received multiple promotions until my retirement in 2016.

I have a long history with computer technology. Over 30 years ago as a teen, I began simple programming, later moving up to a higher level computer programming and then taking software engineering courses years later.  I eventually moved onto internet programming. Later, I learned WordPress and eventually stuck with that.

I became a B2B Content Marketing Writer as a culmination of several interests and a dream of self-employment.  In addition to content marketing, you can find me blogging, podcasting, and internet marketing. It is my goal to eventually become a speaker, certified coach and create an internet start-up.

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With over twenty years of professional writing experience, I have gained the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to create content that you can be excited to share with your customers, business partners and sales teams. For over two decades, I’ve conducted several hundred interviews and completed research for over 1200 reports that I have personally written.  My experience has given me the competencies to acquire necessary information through research, interviews and resources so that I can compose persuasive arguments, compelling solutions and appealing stories that will be a perfect fit for your marketing strategy.


When choosing a marketing content writer, consider looking for someone who has a firm foundation for writing and grasps the concepts of content marketing. Beyond my experience, I studied writing through the University of Maryland and have completed advanced writing techniques through a highly regarded ten-week online writing course called Damn Fine Words. I have completed Inbound Marketing training certification through the Hubspot Academy and Content Marketing training through the Content Marketing University Institute in Cleveland, Ohio.  I diligently keep up with the ever-changing content marketing landscape by following the works of leaders and influencers in the industry.

You can be assured that choosing me for your marketing content writing needs will be the right choice for your organization to build authority, generate leads and accelerate your sales.

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