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Jeremy Jesenovec

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I am a Marine Corps veteran, retired Police Lieutenant and law enforcement technology specialist. During my law enforcement career spanning more than two decades, I responded to over 20,000 calls for service, completed hundreds of investigations, and wrote more than 1200 investigative reports.

I studied writing through the University of Maryland and completed a highly regarded 10-week business writing course. I’ve also completed coursework in inbound marketing through Hubspot Academy, and content marketing through the Content Marketing University Institute in Cleveland, Ohio.

With two decades in law enforcement, including command experience, I have deep insight into public safety strategies, concepts, and processes. I recognize the industry challenges related to reforms, technology, and governance. I have the perfect combination of B2B writing skill and law enforcement industry sector knowledge to create amazing content for the public safety sector.

The Person

Who I Am

I live in Greater Cleveland, Ohio with my wife Christy and our four children. When things aren’t crazy busy around our home, I enjoy relaxing with the family, catching a ballgame on television or reading, usually non-fiction.

Straight out of high school, I served four years in the U.S. Marine Corps and later went into law enforcement. I served two decades as a police officer in a very active, fully engaged law enforcement agency. I served in many specialized assignments, received multiple awards and accolades, and received multiple promotions until my retirement in 2016.

I became a B2B content marketing writer as a culmination of several skills and passions including writing. Today I write for many niche markets, with a primary focus on the law enforcement and public safety forces market sectors.

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